The Architects’ CPD online platform organizes a wide range of courses, seminars, conferences and other relevant learning activities of interest to architects. The database features the CPD activities developed and offered in order to satisfy the varied needs of the Danish architects by the Danish Association of Architects&rsquo, but also other providers have been invited to include their CPD material in the database, and we are glad that so many have responded positively to our request.

If you do not find the right course immediately, you may subscribe to themes you are interested in, and if you leave your name and mail address, you will be kept posted on courses and other CPD activities within your field of interest. 
The CPD material is, however, mainly, if not exclusively, in Danish and we have to refer foreign-speaking members and others interested in CPD courses in Denmark to special offers or to the www.uiacpdprogram.org.
The www.uiacpdprogram.org is a database organized by the UIA (the International Union of Architects) and run by the Spanish Association of Architects. This database covers worldwide CPD activities in English, Spanish and French.
New and old providers are of course invited to include their CPD material in the data base, and should contact us, if interested in being included. Please contact Dorte Maria Vestergaard dmv@arkitektforeningen.dk or phone: 0045 30859006.


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